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VCSU Art Gallery

Current Exhibitions

Shania Schooler – Senior Art Exhibition

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Focusing on an interest in body modification and florals, Schooler has created a gallery of images incorporating the design elements of tattoos and focal arrangements. The artwork in the exhibition includes various mediums and formats, among these being digital art, dry point and lino block printmaking, and graphite and color pencil drawings.

Schooler is majoring in Art Education and will be student teaching this upcoming spring. At Valley City State University, she met plenty of mentors throughout her four years of studying and continues to draw inspiration from all of them. Former art professors, Karri Dieken and Brock Drenth, have fostered and helped her grow her love for the art teaching profession. Schooler has said, “I am incredibly grateful for those two and their influence on me.”

She plans on staying in North Dakota as an educator and hopes to spend her free time creating.


Past Exhibitions

Virtual Artist Talk with Ekow Ephrim

Friday, September 25, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. VCSU Art Department faculty member Ekow Ephrim presented a talk on his exhibition “The Space In-Between”. The exhibition ran through October 15, 2020.

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition.

“The Space In-Between” Flyer

Artist Statement
Ekow N. Ephrim

Historically, graphic designers have been mediators rather than creators of the text, thus a seemingly indestructible notion of the need for clients. Challenging this paradigm, and toward my design philosophy, led me to ‘design for social impact’. In the absence of the client, what is the designer’s role in society and their contribution to the design discipline? What place does self-initiated, non-client-driven design have in the life of a graphic designer? This vacuum created in the absence of the client is what I translate as ‘The Space In-Between’.

As a visual communicator, my utmost goal is to develop sensitivity towards my immediate environment to identify critical social issues and address them using graphic design. To me, the role of graphic design transcends visual communication problem-solving. I like to use graphic design to educate and propel social action. As a social provocateur, I focus on graphic design’s ability to persuade, provoke, and impact.

Through this lens, I interrogate institutional, economic, social, and political systems to define opportunities for critical courses and change. I rely on the power of visual storytelling, graphic simplicity, emotions, and connections to convey the message. For me, a very complex world has to be simplified and design is a way out of confusion.

This exhibition, ‘The Space In-between’, features my experimental work and part of MFA thesis project.